What it Will Take to Prevent the Next Big One: Pandemics, Planetary Health and Our Global Future

Please join us for an evening with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and UC Santa Cruz alumna Laurie Garrett (Merrill 75). Named by the New York Times “Cassandra” for predicting the COVID-19 pandemic and other outbreaks, Garrett will discuss what it will take to prevent the next pandemic, and protect both the health of our planet and the future of global health. UCSC faculty Alicia Riley, assistant professor of sociology, core faculty in global and community health, and Valerie Cortez, assistant professor of molecular cell, and developmental biology will join her in the conversation.

This event is sponsored by the Global and Community Health Program at UC Santa Cruz.

UC Global Health Day 2022: The planet’s health and our health is one health

Dr. Vandana Shiva is an Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, ecofeminist and critic of the unhealthy effects of neoliberal capitalism. In her recording, Shiva discusses the importance of biodiversity and how the health of the planet and its inhabitants are inextricably connected in her plenary speech, “The planet’s health and our health is one health”.

Featured Speaker: Dr. Vandana Shiva

UC Global Health Day 2022: Relational approaches in Indigenous health: From paternalism to partnership

Dr. Adriann Begay and Dr. Cristina Rivera Carpenter are the Navajo Nation Senior Officer and Navajo Nation Program Officer for the UCSF Heal Initiative. Both speakers reflect on their experience as healthcare providers, the importance in advocating for Native American health workers and the value of centering Indigenous knowledge and decolonizing health care in their closing plenary speech, “Relational approaches in Indigenous health: From paternalism to partnership” at UC Global Health Day on Saturday, May 7 at UC Santa Cruz.

Featured Speakers: Dr. Adriann Begay and Dr. Cristina Rivera Carpenter

UC Global Health Day 2022: Deep Medicine and the Care Revolution

Dr. Rupa Marya is a physician, activist, writer, mother, and a composer. She is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, where she practices and teaches internal medicine. With an introduction by Dr. Ndola Prata, co-Director of the University of California Global Health Institute, Dr. Marya presents and performs with members of her band, Rupa & the April Fishes, for her plenary speech “Deep medicine and the care revolution!”

Featured Speakers: Rupa Marya

UC Global Health Day 2022: Centering Social Justice in Community Health

Interdisciplinary by nature and collaborative in spirit, global health efforts encompass a range of academic topics – from psychology to engineering to sustainability and economics, scholars are committed to improving the health of humans, animals and ecosystems around the globe. This event builds on the work of global health practitioners from UC and beyond by bringing together partners, leaders and young career professionals for a day of sharing and discussion.

Featured Speakers: Vandana Shiva, Rupa Marya, Ricky Bluthenthal, Adriann Begay, Cristina Rivera Carpenter, Ndola Prata, Samantha Ying.

UC Santa Cruz University Forum presents: How to tell a true story about COVID-19 inequities

Telling a true story about COVID-19 inequities is harder than you might think. Professor Riley shares examples from her research to demonstrate how different data leads to different stories about COVID-19 inequities; and how the stories we tell about COVID-19 inequities shape what we do about them.

Featured Speakers: Alicia Riley, Matt Sparke.

John R Lewis College Presents: Pathways to Thriving Communities

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the inextricable relationships between environmental degradation, economic precarity, racism, social deprivation, food insecurity, and unsafe working and living conditions. Health disparities reflect and exacerbate a multitude of inequities; inequities that John Lewis challenged throughout his life. In this event, presenters addressed how we can build and sustain thriving communities. We broadly discussed community health from multiple perspectives and cultural frames, situated in racial, economic and environmental justice.

Featured Speakers: Linnea Beckett, Alicia Riley, Nancy N. Chen, James Doucet-Battle, Cristina Gamboa.

Social Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award: A conversation with Ricky Bluthenthal

A steadfast champion of health justice and equity for African Americans, unhoused people, sex workers, and others from marginalized groups, Bluthenthal has also long championed the identification, support, representation, and success of people of color in academia and is committed to imparting equity and justice as fundamental attributes of all careers in medicine. He has designed and taught numerous pioneering courses at USC Keck School of Medicine that require aspirant clinical practitioners to recognize and consider both the human dignity of and the social determinants that inform health outcomes for indigent, low-income, and other marginalized patients.

Featured Speakers: Ricky Bluthenthal, Naya Jones, Alicia Riley.

2021 Alumni Achievement Award Celebrating Dr. Barbara Ferrer

As UCSC prepares to launch a new Global and Community Health program aimed at addressing challenges of ill-health both globally and locally, Grant Hartzog, professor of molecular, cell and developmental biology and Matt Sparke, professor of politics join our conversation to discuss Dr. Ferrer’s path from UC Santa Cruz to the Department of Public Health, the lessons learned over the last two years leading one of the largest counties in the country through a global pandemic, and the important role of global and community health in addressing the challenges of ill-health globally and locally.

Featured Speakers: Barbara Ferrer, Matt Sparke, Grant Hartzog.

University Forum: The lessons of COVID for global and community health

The UC Santa Cruz University Forum presents The lessons of COVID for global and community health with Politics Professor Matt Sparke. Globally and nationally, COVID is teaching us a great deal about the huge inequalities in vulnerability, resilience, and blame, as well as instructive divergences in health system capacity, governmental response, and socio-economic disruption. While we are all in this together as human beings, it has become clear that our unequal conditions of being human have made for vast variations in how the pandemic has been experienced. Professor Sparke discusses these inequalities and how teaching and research related to global and community health can contribute to developing antidotes to these devastating problems, and how UCSC is especially well-positioned to contribute in this way.

Featured Speakers: Matt Sparke.

COVID-19: The Scientific Knowledge For What We Know (and Don’t!) and the Exit Strategy It Provides

Marm Kilpatrick gives a broad overview of the vast scientific literature on COVID-19, including what almost all epidemiologists have outlined as the best strategy moving forward that allows us to both prevent widespread transmission of COVID-19 and allow significant economic activity. He also discusses why we didn’t implement this 3 months ago, and what still hinders us now.

Featured Speakers: Marm Kilpatrick.

Last modified: Aug 11, 2023