a collaborative, interdisciplinary program

Discover health justice through our degree offerings.

Global and Community Health at UCSC aims at improving health and reducing health inequalities both locally and globally. We are an interdisciplinary program that bridges the sciences, social sciences, engineering, humanities and arts with shared commitments to health justice and the development of community partnerships.

Why choose our Global and Community Health Program?

Benefit from a truly collaborative interdisciplinary program.

Collaborate and learn alongside students and faculty from multiple departments.

Examine real-world problems alongside GCH peers via the senior capstone Task Force.

Connect global health lessons with local needs right here in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

Prepare for a wide variety of career and academic pathways in healthcare, health policy, programs, research and advocacy.


Appropriate for students interested in careers ranging from medicine, nursing , dentistry and pharmacy to public health and environmental health work in governmental agencies, to global health and community health work with non-governmental organizations, law firms and universities.

Two student in white lab coats walking down a hallway smiling.


Appropriate for students who aspire to a wide range of careers in direct patient care or the science of medicine. Students choose between two concentrations—the biomedical concentration and the public and community health concentration.

Two women working in a lab.


Bringing our faculty and students together across all five academic divisions, research in the Global and Community Health program is centered on a shared commitment to social justice and health.

Last modified: Jun 13, 2024