Katharyne Mitchell

Dean, Social Sciences

Paul L. Koch

Dean, Physical & Biological Sciences

Grant Hartzog

Professor, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology; Executive Director, Global and Community Health Program

Matt Sparke

Professor, Politics; Executive Vice Director, Global and Community Health Program

“One of the many things I love about this program is that it brings all of the insights of the social sciences together in examining the social determinants of health. But more than this, it also brings those same insights into the policy-making challenges of realizing health for all, both locally and globally.”

–Dean Mitchell

The new Global and Community Health programs come at a time of pressing need. The events of the last half decade, from the pandemic to the health impacts of wildfires, rising heat, and pollutants, have made clear that we desperately need policies, institutions, and medical innovations that reduce disease overall as well as the glaring inequities in health outcomes. Our students will drive these changes.

–Dean Koch

“We seek to train the next generation of health leaders. Our core belief, embodied in this program, is that these individuals will need interdisciplinary training in both the natural and social sciences.”

–Grant Hartzog

 “Global and Community Health builds on path-breaking UCSC research, expanding community connections, and inspiring student commitments to social justice to support the realization of health rights, health justice and improved health outcomes for all in the world at large.”

–Matt Sparke

A wide network of affiliated faculty

Photo of faculty member facing chalk board with four students at large table.

As a result of GCH program integration across campus, there is a vast network of affiliated faculty.