Envisioning Health For All: The 2024 Global and Community Health Photography Contest

Submission Form Deadline: Friday, May 3, 2024

Photography provides an opportunity for us to represent our cares and concerns for health and health justice in the world beyond the university. It also opens pathways for new community connections and dialogues about important social, environmental and biological determinants of health. 

UCSC’s inaugural “Envisioning Health For All” student photography competition invites students from across campus to represent global and community health topics in ways that are also aimed to prompt reflection on achieving visions of health for all in communities both local and global.  It is organized as a competition in order to incentivize individual involvement, but it is also conceptualized as a collective and collaborative effort to widen engagement in global and community health, including across all five divisions of our campus and between UCSC and the community.   

A panel of esteemed judges will review the submissions at a special exhibition event in the UCSC McHenry library on Thursday, May 23, 2024. The 5 winners will receive $500 each. Submissions can be candid and documentary in style, or posed and co-creative with the subjects they depict, or they can also be more abstract and aimed to amplify impressions or bioethical ideas. They can focus on community health issues in our local region, or more global topics, or some more complex mixture of both.  In all cases, they should prompt careful reflection  on either challenges we need to address to achieve visions of health for all or the possibilities.

For the same reason, each submission should be accompanied by a caption explaining the obstacles or possibilities that you want to convey, including (where wanted) quotations from either people in the photographs or the communities that they represent. In this same spirit of community collaboration and ethical reflection, it is crucial for all entrants to the competition to be mindful of the dangers of objectifying people and of taking photos without their consent.  After the exhibition, the winning photos will be framed and displayed in the Global and Community Health office suite on campus, and included on our website and associated program materials.

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Last modified: Apr 04, 2024