I am seriously considering declaring the GCH major.  How do I decide whether the B.A. or B.S. is best for me?  

Take our introductory course, GCH 1, Foundations for Global and Community Health! Students in this class explore the pathways through and opportunities in the GCH B.A. and B.S. majors. In addition, consulting with a GCH academic adviser is a critical way to further explore which degree most aligns with your aspirations and academics.   In preparation, the decision-support table below may serve as one resource among many.  

I am a first-year (frosh) student.  What are the required major preparation courses that need to be completed for admission to the GCH B.A?

No specific courses at the high school level are required for admission to the GCH B.A. at UC Santa Cruz. Courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, whether taken at the high school or college level, are appropriate background and preparation.

More information on B.A. frosh requirements 

I am a transfer student.  What are the required major preparation courses that need to be completed before I come to UC Santa Cruz?  

The B.A. major is a non-screening major. Students planning to apply in this major are not required to complete specific major preparation courses before they come to UC Santa Cruz.

Transfer students must take the required lower-division GCH course (GCH 1) in the fall of their first year at UC Santa Cruz or as soon thereafter as possible.

Courses from another institution may be considered only if they appear on the student’s Transfer Credit Summary. Students who wish to substitute transferable courses taken elsewhere for the GCH B.A. major’s requirements should discuss the procedure with a GCH adviser.

More information on the B.A. transfer requirements

Is there a GCH minor?  

No, we currently do not have a minor in Global & Community Health. However, you are free to take as many undergraduate courses in global and community health as you would like, even if your major is not GCH.

Last modified: Dec 19, 2022